Nexus 6: Brightness stuck at maximum after unlocking phone

Fix: try uninstalling updates for Google Play Services, then update again. Maybe also remove all data associated with Google Play Services.


Fix: Vauxhall / Opel electric window won't open

If your electric window suddenly stopped working, chances are it's not mechanical and there's an easy fix to this. 

Note: I did this on my Vauxhall Corsa, but it should apply to other Vauxhall / Opel vehicles such as the Astra or Zafira. 


Car window will not open with either driver's control, passenger control, or remote control (key). Fuses to the electric windows are not blown. 

The cause

This is purely my speculation. The window panes on these Vauxhall are controlled by vehicle's ECU. If something has caused the ECU to forget the actual "position" of the window pane, it probably goes into safe mode and not operate the window motor. 

The Fix

To fix this issue, you will need to perform an ECU reset. This is done by disconnecting the negative battery connector from the car battery for approximately 1 minute.


Resetting the ECU will: 
  1. cause the trip odometer to reset to 0. 
  2. reset the window position memory and disables auto open / shut


After reconnecting the battery connector to the battery terminal, verify the windows are operational. To restore the auto open / shut functionality, first shut the windows completely, depress the button to Open position until window is fully open, keep holding the button until an audible "click" is heard. (approximately half a second after window is fully open). Repeat and close the window fully while holding the button in the Shut position until an audible click is heard. 

Test the windows are now back in normal operation. 


How to check Nexus 6 Manufacture Date

I am not 100% positive on this interpretation, however it seemed to coincide with the time I received this device, so that might be it!

(1) Turn off phone.
(2) Hold VOLUME DOWN while powering on device
(3) Press VOLUME UP / DOWN until it reads "Barcode"
(4) Press Lock button
(5) Read the "Date" row, note it's in MM-DD-YYYY format

To get out:
(6) Press any VOLUME key
(7) Use VOLUME UP / DOWN keys to select "Start"
(8) Press Lock button

I pre-ordered my International Nexus 6 from Google, the device says 12-09-2014 (9th Dec 2014), and I received my phone on the 19th December 2014.

Hope this helps!


UK O2 Image Compression Bypass (Bypass apn)

**Please note this trick probably only works with O2 Pay monthly customers**
**Other customers on O2 Payg / MVNO won't benefit from this trick**

If you're on O2 or GiffGaff with a decent mobile device, you might notice sometimes webpages rendered on mobile data looks a bit off / pixelated, especially when the images are being zoomed in. Or sometimes the background gradient colours looked really off. 

This is likely caused by the image compression proxy that O2 deployed between you and the internet. I have not done an extensive test on this subject, but .jpg and .png files are notoriously heavily compressed when they're being sent through the mobile network. 

To test if the page quality is affected by the O2 image compression, there are few things you can do:

(1) Find a NON-HTTPS site with .jpg images, online albums like imgur should do.

(2) CLEAR CACHE of browser, this might involve wiping all app data. Alternatively you can use Chrome incognito mode throughout.

(3) Browse to the selected URL over mobile network, save a picture to the device.

(4) Clear Cache / open another Incognito tab, download the same picture to device. 

(5) Open Gallery / Photos app and compare the two images. 

In order for this test to be accurate, it's best to try different sites with different types of images, including .gif, .jpg, .png, etc. 

If you noticed difference in quality between the two images, then your device is suffering from O2's Image Compression. 

If you're lucky enough to an O2's pay monthly customer, you can try setting up the following APN, do a REBOOT, then test again.

Name: o2 bypass
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: bypass
Password: password
Server: Not set
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10
Authentication Type: PAP
APN Type: default,supli
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified
MVNP type: None

Please note this APN seem to be quite temperamental, it works for me sometimes but not all the times. However if O2 image compression is a thing you wanted to get rid of, it's definitely worth a try. 



Reset Android Lock Screen / Forgotten Android PIN

I was messing with the Android lock screen earlier, and in the process I changed my lock screen from my old pattern to a new PIN, and I managed to forget it straight after I have locked the screen.

Cue five minutes of panic, ten minutes of pointless brute forcing back into the phone with no luck.

However I have found a solution!

If you have your Android device enrolled with Android Device Manager, you can go to the following page (https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager?u=0), and all you need to do is to LOCK the device, which will then give you an option to set a new PIN, voilĂ !

Granted, the device will need to be connected to the internet (WiFi or cellular) for this trick to work, and if it's not showing up in ADM, well, better luck next time!



Android Samsung Print Service Plugin - unable to print


(1) Able to see printer when in same subnet, after selected printer, all options and the Print button is greyed out.

(2) When manually adding printer in Settings, got error "Unable to communicate with this printer."


Make sure default SNMP Community is enabled, if you have that removed, see below.

Community Name 1: (ticked)
Community Name: public
Access Permission: (ticked) Read Access    (not ticked) Write Access

If Samsung is to rely on SNMP, it should either say in the application or on the printer settings page, or to offer an option to use alternative SNMP settings.

It's been a year before I figured this out. I'm slow, I know.


Linksys WRT610n V2.0 firmware


Since Linksys doesn't provide the firmware for download anymore...