UK Virgin Media Hub 4 Link Aggregation is very broken (balance-rr)

 Virgin Media in the UK currently offers a "Gig1" service that offers ~1.2Gbps down and 50Mbps up. 

While the topic of mediocre upload speed is valid, that is a discussion for another time. 

Virgin Media Hub 4 modem

While the interface on the HFC interface offers 1.2Gbps downlink bandwidth, the Hub 4 modem itself offers only 4 x 1GbE interfaces, essentially limiting the usable downlink throughput to GbE (in practice ~940Mbps). 

This bloc post covers an undocumented feature, which allows aggregation of multiple GbE ports on the Hub 4, and create a WAN connection that is capable of >GbE speed. 

WARNING: While the bonding is stable with this firmware on Hub 4, the Round Robin (and alb as well) seem to fail for no reason every now and then. This does not seem to be ready for production use. 

Date tested: 2021-01-31

ISP Modem:                     
    Model:                        Virgin Media Hub 4 (ARRIS TG3492LG-VMB)
    Hardware Version:      8
    Software Version:

CPE Equipment:
    Model:                         Mikrotik RB4011iGS+
    Firmware Version:       v6.48


On the ISP Modem side - no configuration needed. 

On the CPE, I created a new bond with the following configuration: 


Suzuki Swift MK3 (2010-2017) Passenger door rattle fix

My swift has developed an annoying rattle coming from the passenger side door.
I could hear it even radio turned all the way up, and it was very annoying whenever I'm driving over slightly uneven roads.

After some extensive investigation, I've realised this is due to a pair of wires hitting against the plastic trim on the door.

The fix is fairly simple, remove the plastic door cover, and apply some dampening material to the plastic panel. In my case I used some kitchen towel and attached it to the door with masking tape.

Easy fix and it worked like a charm.


Viewing DrayTek Vigor 130 Line Stat when connected with a MikroTik router

This article is going to be based on my setup:
  • DrayTek Vigor 130 DSL Modem in PPPoE Bridge mode (OpenReach VDSL2+ connection)
  • MikroTik RB3011UiAS-RM (Connected to S-RJ01 SFP module)

On top of the PPPoE session, DrayTek Vigor 130 has a built in DHCP serer which serves IP address to clients connected to LAN1. 

Default IP:

This subnet is LAN only, however with access to this subnet you can then view the line status on the DrayTek Vigor modem.

When directly connected to a computer you are able to access the DrayTek status page at This allows you to get your VDSL Line Stats.

With some modems you might need to manually add a route of to the interface that is connected to the modem.

To achieve this when the DrayTek Vigor 130 is connected to a MikroTik router with a live PPPoE session, do the following:

  1. Under IP, add a new DHCP client on the interface connected to the Vigor 130 modem. (typically ether1)
    Ensure Add Default Route is set to No.

    As soon as the DHCP client is added, you should see IP address obtained for the interface.

  2. Under IP, verify a new route is populated automatically.

  3. Under IP, Firewall, NAT, add a new rule.

    Chain: srcnat
    Dst. Address:
    Action: Masquerade

You should now be able to access your DrayTek Vigor 130 device via web or Telnet. 


Nexus 6: Brightness stuck at maximum after unlocking phone

Fix: try uninstalling updates for Google Play Services, then update again. Maybe also remove all data associated with Google Play Services.


Fix: Vauxhall / Opel electric window won't open

If your electric window suddenly stopped working, chances are it's not mechanical and there's an easy fix to this. 

Note: I did this on my Vauxhall Corsa, but it should apply to other Vauxhall / Opel vehicles such as the Astra or Zafira. 


Car window will not open with either driver's control, passenger control, or remote control (key). Fuses to the electric windows are not blown. 

The cause

This is purely my speculation. The window panes on these Vauxhall are controlled by vehicle's ECU. If something has caused the ECU to forget the actual "position" of the window pane, it probably goes into safe mode and not operate the window motor. 

The Fix

To fix this issue, you will need to perform an ECU reset. This is done by disconnecting the negative battery connector from the car battery for approximately 1 minute.


Resetting the ECU will: 
  1. cause the trip odometer to reset to 0. 
  2. reset the window position memory and disables auto open / shut


After reconnecting the battery connector to the battery terminal, verify the windows are operational. To restore the auto open / shut functionality, first shut the windows completely, depress the button to Open position until window is fully open, keep holding the button until an audible "click" is heard. (approximately half a second after window is fully open). Repeat and close the window fully while holding the button in the Shut position until an audible click is heard. 

Test the windows are now back in normal operation. 


How to check Nexus 6 Manufacture Date

I am not 100% positive on this interpretation, however it seemed to coincide with the time I received this device, so that might be it!

(1) Turn off phone.
(2) Hold VOLUME DOWN while powering on device
(3) Press VOLUME UP / DOWN until it reads "Barcode"
(4) Press Lock button
(5) Read the "Date" row, note it's in MM-DD-YYYY format

To get out:
(6) Press any VOLUME key
(7) Use VOLUME UP / DOWN keys to select "Start"
(8) Press Lock button

I pre-ordered my International Nexus 6 from Google, the device says 12-09-2014 (9th Dec 2014), and I received my phone on the 19th December 2014.

Hope this helps!