Mikrotik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS Routing Performance

This is not going to be a full test report of sorts, but a quick note for those in similar boat, YMMV, pinch of salt, blah. 

I've seen too many people on the internet saying CCR2004 (the SFP+ version) will do a shit job at routing traffic between ports, but never any supporting evidence, so I thought I share my own experience. 

In my homelab I have a relative basic setup, with something like 10 IPv4 Firewall rules, 2 NAT rules, 1 bridge with VLANs. Routing performance on IPv4 I'm able to get something like 8Gbps consistent going between bridge ports.

I seem to get a somewhat better performance on IPv6 maybe due to less firewall / NAT rules, something like 9Gbps. 

Obviously if you have crap ton of rules like operating a MSP this will be miles different, but for basic setup I think this is a relatively good number for what this device can offer. 

Happy home labbing!