Reset Android Lock Screen / Forgotten Android PIN

I was messing with the Android lock screen earlier, and in the process I changed my lock screen from my old pattern to a new PIN, and I managed to forget it straight after I have locked the screen.

Cue five minutes of panic, ten minutes of pointless brute forcing back into the phone with no luck.

However I have found a solution!

If you have your Android device enrolled with Android Device Manager, you can go to the following page (https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager?u=0), and all you need to do is to LOCK the device, which will then give you an option to set a new PIN, voilĂ !

Granted, the device will need to be connected to the internet (WiFi or cellular) for this trick to work, and if it's not showing up in ADM, well, better luck next time!



Android Samsung Print Service Plugin - unable to print


(1) Able to see printer when in same subnet, after selected printer, all options and the Print button is greyed out.

(2) When manually adding printer in Settings, got error "Unable to communicate with this printer."


Make sure default SNMP Community is enabled, if you have that removed, see below.

Community Name 1: (ticked)
Community Name: public
Access Permission: (ticked) Read Access    (not ticked) Write Access

If Samsung is to rely on SNMP, it should either say in the application or on the printer settings page, or to offer an option to use alternative SNMP settings.

It's been a year before I figured this out. I'm slow, I know.


Linksys WRT610n V2.0 firmware


Since Linksys doesn't provide the firmware for download anymore...

Reverting Buffalo WZR-1750DHP-EU from DD-WRT firmware to Stock (v2.22)

Just got myself a WZR-1750DHP from Amazon.

Tried the stock firmware, was quite impressed with the performance and features provided, only draw back was SSID2 only supports WEP encryption, and I do want WPA2 on SSID 2.

Was always a big fan of DD-WRT, decided to give it a try, flashed the following two images:
factory-to-dd-wrt.bin then

Unfortunately the WAN performance was not very good at all, it's kind of limited to about 30MBps throughput, apparently hardware NAT was not enabled / support on DD-WRT firmwares.

No SSID2 vs slow internet, I've decided to go back to stock.

Procedure for going from DD-WRT back to Stock 2.22 firmware:

(1) Download 23709a (buffalo customised DD-WRT firmware) from Buffalo

(2) Extract the .zip downloaded from Buffalo, locate file wzr1750dhpd-v24sp2-23709a.bin, and update to router, selecting erase all settings.

(3) Download v2.22 firmware from Buffalo

(4) Extract the .zip, and locate file wzr_1750dhp_eu_222

(5) Update firmware from 23709a to EU 2.22. Be patient as the process did take some time, and router might restart several times.

Done, back to stock!


I made a video about USB charging

Hello World,

I don't think this has been done before, or not extensively.

At home I have got all these different USB power adapters, the Apple 5W, 10W and 12W charger, as well as those "Android chargers" which came with my android devices.

I always wondered how my Android phone (Nexus 5 in this case) would behave if they got plugged into those Apple chargers, does the phone see it as USB adapter and take only the USB standard 2.5W, or actually properly charge it?

In this video I used the Charger Doctor I got off eBay for testing.

Spoiler alert: The LG charger that came with my Nexus 5 is not that good.

YouTube link in case embedded didn't work:


Freeview London Crystal Palace transponder list for DVBViewer

Transponder list for UK Freeview, London Crystal Palace transmitter.

Received on 10th April, 2014. 

Following transponders are included: 

23 BBC A
26 D3&4
30- BBC B HD
25 SDN
22 ARQ A
28- ARQ B
33 COM7 HD
29- L-LON

Total: 117 services (Video, Audio and Data, Free-to-air only)

Link to file: